Automate Your Account Research
and Planning

Poggio is an AI Sales Workspace purpose built for Account Executives. We automate the prep work required to build trust and credibility with your customers, from first touch to close.

The Future of B2B Selling

The only out-of-the-box AI solution purpose-built to support relationship-driven sales reps

Work smarter with your own AI workspace

Poggio collects all deal data in a single workspace to keep your opportunities organized for painless deal reviews, ideation, and team collaboration

Poggio fits into any seller’s workflow, supporting all sales methodologies and processes

Sales and AI best practices, built right into the platform

Poggio leverages the state of the art in AI and large language models to drive sales efficiencies

Poggio’s AI-powered assistant understands sales out-of-the-box. It works today and will continue to improve over time, getting better and better as you win more and more deals

You can’t automate trust, but you can automate the prep work

Build credibility and confidence with instant knowledge about your prospects and their pain. Poggio finds deal-critical company information that a Google search won’t surface

Automatically map your prospects’ strategic initiatives to your solutions to capture their attention in any interaction

Chat with your AI sales strategist to develop account plans, battlecards, outreach, discovery scripts, tactics, and more

Sell smarter. Build better relationships.

The best AEs use Poggio to supercharge the entire buyers' journey

Time savings

Offload research, meeting preparation, call summaries, outreach, and more and spend more time driving new business

Stronger customer relationships

Build trust with your prospects from day one by understanding their pain and how your solution maps to it

Better handoffs

Automatically compile key account information to make the transition from BDR to AE or AE to CSM seamless

Data security

Security and governance for safe usage of AI. Your data is isolated to your workspace and remains secure

Painless deal reviews

Keep all deal information organized in your sales workspace so you can quickly answer any question about a deal, at any time

Faster ramping

Learn about your industry, accounts and personas in a fraction of the time as traditional training

Leverage AI across the entire sales team

Keeping up with AI is hard, operationalizing it is even harder. Poggio provides the visibility, control, and collaboration needed to safely deploy AI across your entire team


Poggio works with any sales methodology or process, out-of- the box


A shared task library and workspace allow teams to work together and strategize on opportunities


Account templates and pre-configured prompts start all sellers on 3rd base


Connect your stack, including tools like Salesforce, Gong, and Slack for even greater deal intelligence


Poggio is SOC 2 certified and diligent about protecting your data

Leverage AI across the entire sales team

Keeping up with AI is hard; Operationalizing it is even harder. Poggio provides the visibility, control and collaboration needed to safely deploy AI across the entire team

"Poggio is a no-brainer for anyone that sells to enterprise customers."

Sr. Account Executive

"I am saving hours each day on research with Poggio."


"Poggio is going to transform how sales teams ramp."

Head of Sales

"Poggio is great. The information that I get on my accounts is so thorough."

Account Executive